Thursday, November 21, 2013

3 Sites Where You Can Seriously Save $

Just in time for the holiday season, I bring you three sites that I use to help save some moolah. All of these sites are completely legit (I promise - I've used them myself extensively!) and all of them are seriously magic.

Sidenote: If you wanna sign up for any of these fun things please use the link I provided! If ya do you'll get extra stuff at some of these places and I get extra stuff for referring you! DO EET. :)


Did you know that Bing will literally pay you to use it? Seriously: it's true. Sign up with Bing Rewards and every time you search something on Bing you get a credit. You can then trade these credits in for all sorts of giftcards and goodies: Amazon giftcards, Sephora giftcards, Redbox rentals, and a lot of other fun stuff! I signed up for Bing Rewards back in September and I'm a little over halfway towards earning a $5 Amazon giftcard. Yeah. You've got to search for stuff anyways: why not literally get paid for it?


I freaking love Groupon! I want to shout it from a mountain. There is literally a Groupon for everything: vacations, local eats, concerts, electronics, spa treatments, clothes, accessories, everything. I have gotten all kinds of groovy Groupons for everything from putt putt at a local course ($8 for 3 games for 2 people!) to a delicious sushi dinner date with my boyfriend ($30 worth of food for $15!) to getting an oil change for my car ($19 at Valvoline versus the ridic amount they usually charge!) I've gotten to try so many cool things (for super cheap!) that I might have not otherwise tried just because of Groupon. Seriously: sign up and take a look around. There are SO many rad deals that change daily!


Ebates is like a weird gift from God. If you do a lot of shopping online (or even just a little bit of shopping online!) it is SERIOUSLY worth it to get an Ebates account - ESPECIALLY if you're going to be doing a lot of online holiday shopping in the next coming weeks! Not only do they offer lots of discount codes for a plethora of stores but they also offer cash back, no strings attached, for a HUGE list of online stores. Every store has a different percentage (usually ranging from 2% to anywhere as much as 25% cash back). It really adds up quick, especially if you do a lot of shopping online. All you have to do is sign in with Ebates and make your purchase from whatever store you'd like and BAM - cash back! And when I say that they offer cash back for a HUGE amount of stores? I mean it -- they have everything from ASOS to Sephora to Amazon to Groupon. I personally chose to get my cash back added to my Paypal account -- it's super convenient and they pay your Big Fat Check quarterly. Their customer service is WONDERFUL and I seriously cannot gush about it enough. Sign up here and give it a try!

Are there any other cool sites that I don't know about? Lemme know about them in the comments! :)

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