What size do you wear?
I usually wear between a US18-26, depending on the store and the cut. Usually I'm a pretty solid US22. I have things in my closet, though, that range from Size Medium to Size 28. All the more reason to always try stuff on, especially if you're thrifting! Sizes can vary like crazy!

Have you ever considered losing weight?
When I was younger, I was only concerned about losing weight. In the seventh grade, I lost over 40 pounds in one summer after non-stop, relentless daily exercise and heavily restricting myself dietarily. I was the smallest I had ever been, but I was absolutely fucking miserable for the years that I maintained that lifestyle. Following a complete mental breakdown my junior year of high school (something that culminated from a lot of different things), I began to "balloon" due to medication and my constant anxious state. I have always been fat (even at the smallest my body was willing to get, I was still considered fat at a size 12), but I have just recently begun to accept my body for what it is and where it decides to settle naturally. I respect that now, whereas when I was younger, I absolutely abhorred it.

Now, I have a different outlook on what it means to be a healthy person. I do not judge myself based on my weight or what size pants fit around my ass -- instead, I try to maintain an active lifestyle (with, yes, gasp, exercise!) and I try to provide my body with the best foods I can give it because I know that's what makes me feel my best. I take care of my body and listen to its needs. Sometimes I need a long walk or run to relieve my stress, sometimes I need a long nap to rejuvenate, sometimes I need some juicy fruit or a light salad to feel refreshed, and sometimes I need a piece of cake to treat myself and enjoy. I try to do what makes me feel healthy both physically and mentally because, in my opinion, that's absolutely what matters most.

Where do you shop?
I shop at a lot of different places, both online and in store!

These are the places I shop at most frequently, although I also shop at a lot of unconventional places (grocery stores, flea markets, gas stations, whatever).
I also thrift A LOT. In my area of the country, Goodwill is the major target of my thrifting excursions, but I also occasionally shop in other thrift stores and consignment shops.  

Where else can I find you on the Internet?
I'm on Facebook and Twitter! Feel free to add me on any of those thangs. 

If you have a question that you don't see addressed here, don't be afraid to email me at sparklingwhine@gmail.com!