Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Wardrobe Lustings.

Basically this is a post about stuff I'm yearning to be in my spring/summer wardrobe (basically the same thing here in Kentucky since it's been in the mid-80's here for the last week!) I really need to rehaul my wardrobe because I'm sick of a lot of the things that I own. Fatshionxchange has been super useful in doing that. I just need to sell more of my stuff that I don't wear anymore so I have the money to do that with!

Anyway, onto the stuff I'm drooling over lately!

i. Yellow Polkadot Top from Old Navy. (currently on sale!) $17.00
ii. Sugar Skull Cardigan from Torrid. $38.50
iii. Green Pussybow Blouse from Old Navy. (currently on sale!) $19.00

I used to love Old Navy, but for the last few years I have not at all been impressed by their selection. However, after perusing some of their stuff again recently on a whim, I was really pleasantly surprised! They have a lot of retro inspired pieces in their spring/summer collection and I'm just a teensy bit googoo gaga about it.

i. Victorian Floral Doc Martens from Dr.M USA Store. $130.00
ii. Destroyed Denim Shorts by Forever 21. $19.80
iii. Elephant Print Dress by ASOS. $62.67

I've been open-mouthed staring at those Doc Martens for what feels like years, but their hefty price tag means we'll probably just never be together. Le sigh. Other recent obsessions include this elephant patterned dress from ASOS, which is just too excellent for words. I'll definitely be stalking (like I don't already, pssht) for this little number to drop down in price.

i. High Waisted Garter Belt from Domino Dollhouse. $39.99
ii. Red Dotted Bathing Suit from Modcloth. $89.99
iii. Mesh Bow Tights from Forever 21. $6.80
iv. Lace Heart Garter Belt by Hips and Curves. (on sale!) $21.95

I have a little bit of an obsession with lacey, girly undergarments and the latest blip on my radar is my need to own a really cute garter belt. These garter panties from Domino Dollhouse and Hips and Curves fit the bill perfectly and I'm probably going to order one soon. I'm not sure which one I'm leaning towards yet (the sale price for the Hips and Curves one, however, makes a pretty convincing argument!), but one thing's for sure: a garter belt will be mine. Oh, yes.

Most of these items are well out of my budget range (sadly), but that only means one thing: I will be stalking the shit out of them until they go on clearance.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts.

There's a theme to today's outfit and I'll give you a hint: HEARTS.

Heart Top: City Chic.
Skirt + Heart Tights: Dots.
Boots (not pictured): Target.

I got this top from City Chic a few weeks ago when it was on sale and it's honestly the most COMFORTABLE top I've ever owned. The material is super soft and dreamy and the puff sleeves are too freaking cute. I've never expected much from shirts, but this top has honestly made me rethink everything I put over my boobs and stomach from now on. I didn't even know shirts could BE this great! Not only is it super comfortable and soft, but it also cinches in alllll the right places. I'm far from being any sort of hourglass shape (my stomach is large and in charge, let's be real), but this shirt provides a different illusion that's kind of fun for a change.

No, but seriously, I am in LOVE with this top. And no - I'm not getting any dimes to say any of this, I literally am just this passionate regarding this top (though hey, City Chic, don't be a stranger!)

The tights are from Dots as I mentioned above. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Dots, to be honest. I love their prices and a lot of their stuff, but I'm not terribly in love with their products' quality. I've bought two pairs of tights from Dots and while they are both adorable, the first pair was absolutely WRECKED after one wear. This pair has lasted two wears so far and doesn't seem to be breaking down on me yet, so perhaps the first pair was just a fluke. Let's hope so, because Dots' tights are REALLY cute and I don't want to have to stop buying them!

ALSO: I'm cleaning out my closet and selling a lot of my clothes (for cheap!) All prices listed INCLUDE shipping within the US. BUY

as always, thanks for reading!

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Fatshion" February Roundup.

For the last month, I've been a rather sporadic participant in Fatshion February on my Tumblr. For those who are wondering what the fuck I'm talking about, Fatshion February is essentially a month dedicated to Outfits of the Day (OOTDs) from people who identify as fat. Anyone over a size 12 will probably recognize the fact that appealing plus size clothing is not exactly easy to find, so having a month like this is EXTREMELY helpful in finding new places to shop/new styles to admire. Before I became aware of and entered the Fatshion community in my late teens, my wardrobe largely consisted of whatever I could squeeze my ass in from Kohls that didn't look too terribly matronly. Since discovering the community, my life has honestly changed for the better. I'm not afraid to take risks with my wardrobe; I have a whole new arsenal of things (that fit me!) to add to my wishlist; I've gained friends and a sense of community that I had never quite had before and I'm now aware of so many great resources that help me in expressing myself aesthetically. It's, truly, been a great thing.

Mushy infomercial-like stuff aside, here's the outfits I "contributed" this year! Hopefully, next year, I'll actually do it on the daily (and using a proper camera and not my webcam aka my go-to lazy method of choice). We'll see!

February 23rd.
Bird Top: Forever 21.
Shorts: Cato.
Tights & Undershirt & Boots: Target.
Locket: Gift from the boyfriend.

February 21st. Top: City Chic.
Skirt: Dots.
Leggings: Target.
Hat: Forever 21.

February 6th.
Top: Torrid.
Skirt: K-Mart.
Leggings: Target.

February 2nd.
Blouse: K-Mart.
Skirt: Target.
Belt: Cato.
In the next week I should have a couple of proper posts for you all, so keep on checkin'. And, as always, thanks for reading!