Friday, January 20, 2012

Very Necessary Purchases / Fun in a Grocery Store.

Tonight I went to Kroger, the major grocery store in my region, to initially buy a quick bag of frozen vegetables to stirfry up for dinner. While I was there I decided to check out the clearance shelf, as per my usual. While the clearance section at grocery stores is always a hit if you're looking for discounted laxatives or flatware, it's more likely to be a miss for anything actually useful (no offense, fans of laxatives and flatware). Tonight, however, the clearance shelf was in rare form and I found a ton of stuff for cheep-cheep cheap.

1) Piggy Angry Birds Plush
Orig: $17.99 SALE: $3.00
2) LoveBox Durex Condoms (3 Pack in Little Designed Tin)
Orig: $4.49 SALE $1.00
3) Covergirl CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer (Fair/Pale)
Orig: $6.79 SALE: $1.00
4) Avalon Organics Clarifying Lemon Conditioner
Orig: $8.15 SALE: $2.00
5) Jesse's Girl Color Changing Lipstick (#20201 Envy)
Orig: $2.48 SALE: .25
6) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (#622 Daring Pink) 
Orig: $4.00 SALE $1.00

Original Total: $43.90
I Paid: $8.25

Basically, the moral of the story is to check out the clearance section at EVERY store (even grocery stores!) You might be surprised by what you may find.

Now I'm gonna go cuddle up with my talking pig plush, have sex three times, moisturize and coverup my face simultaneously, have my hair smell like lemons, and wear weird lip colors (what else is new, right). Before I end this post officially, here's what the Revlon lipstick looks like on -- it's a pretty pigmented shade and it seems to last for a long while. Pretty good deal, I think.

cheers and thanks for reading, as always, 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Recap / Last Year's Outfits.

I just now realized that I didn't really do any sort of recap for 2011, so this is probably as close as we're gonna get. 2011 was a weird year for me -- full of both ups and downs. My final grandparent, my grandmother, passed away in August and my first pet, my cat Beauty whom I had since I was 8, died in October. In a way, it almost seemed like all connections to my childhood really went away this year. I turned 21 in July, but it was a rather lowkey birthday. I didn't get smashed in a bar (I'm really just not much of a drinker!), but I did get to spend some nice quality time with good friends. I began dating my amazing boyfriend John in March, which was admittedly the highlight of my year. Over the summer, my issues with anxiety and depression sort of kicked into hyperdrive after a stint on birth control, which made for a couple of extremely difficult months. In August, my good friend Grace and I left the dorms for good and began renting our own little house close to campus. Overall, 2011 was kind of a clusterfuck, but it definitely had its moments.

Anyway, here are some of last year's getups!

Honestly, looking back, I think some of these just look a mess. However, I'm proud of the fact that I've grown to be more daring with my fashion choices overall. Thrifting more often has been a HUGE help in getting more clothes for cheap -- a huge portion of this stuff was Goodwill'd or bought on sale (I typically only buy store stuff if it's marked 50% or more off; this blog is called fatbudgetbitch for a reason!).  If you're interested in any of these specific outfits (or pieces from a specific outfit), they can all be found and described in detail on my flickr.

This year, I look forward to developing a more cohesive and put together look. I look forward to sprucing up my little rental house and truly enjoying my walks to class each day. I look forward to (and dread) my upcoming 19 hour semester. I look forward to meeting new people and trying new things and I look forward to spending time with the old friends I love. I look forward to learning how to cook more stuff and being a DJ at the college radio station. I look forward to a better year where hopefully I'll better myself.

cheers and thanks for reading, as always,