Friday, April 25, 2014

Summer Staple: Denim Vest

Denim vests are a great summer staple that are super trendy right now (although they're also a rock'n'roll classic) -- throw it over a dress or a t shirt and you're good to go. Customize that baby and make it your own -- pins, patches, whatever you're feeling. Could an article of clothing get more fun? Nah, man!

Here are my favorite plus size denim vests currently in stores!

1 forever 21 - $29.80
2 rainbow - $24.99
3 lane bryant - $59.95
4 deb - $29.90
5 asos - $52.60
6 wet seal - $26.90

Which one is your favorite? Personally, I think I'm going to be purchasing that vest from Deb with the lace accents. I'm OBSESSED with lace, man.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Plus Size Haul : Forever 21 + Dots!

I just bought all these goodies within the last week!

mustard yellow satchel one size - $19.80
navy blue cami 3X - $2.80
black leggings 3X - $5.80
black & white dress 3X - $18.24
black & teal sweater 3X - FREE
kitten & fish socks - $1.50
seafoam eyelash curler (not featured) - $2.80
total: $50.94

navy dotted blouse 22/24 - $11.99
black denim jeans 24 - $17.30
gold drop earrings - $2.00
total: $31.29

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ASOS Curve Haul

Okay, I have been trying to upload this lil dude for a WEEK, but apparently Youtube is a giant pain in the butt. 

Anyway, finally got it uploaded, so enjoy my super off-the-cuff, minimum-effort-given video!

Friday, January 17, 2014


Have you heard of 8tracks?

If not, let me introduce you: 8tracks is a site where users can listen to user-created playlists (mixes) from people all over the world. You can even make your own! It's completely legal and the possibilities are endless -- you can upload whatever music you want from your own collection or search for music on Soundcloud to include in your mixes. There are soundtracks based on tv shows, movies, moods, genres, years -- pretty much everything you could ever imagine. And it is rad.

I'm obsessed.
Here's a mix I made of just some of my favorite songs lately. Some serious quality jams.

And another one I made for 2008-2009 because those years give me some major fee-fee's (senior year of high school, what up, class of '09!!!)

If you're at all interested you can see some of the other mixes I've made here. Feel free to add me if you have an account (or if you decide to make an account!) I am, seriously, so obsessed.

Do you have an 8tracks account? Do you have any favorite mixes? Please share in the comments -- I am ALWAYS looking for new, great music to give a listen to at work!