Friday, December 28, 2012

Fat Sales and Christmas Tales.

So, my dears, it has been... a while. I really have no excuse, unless battling once again with depression and anxiety is an excuse (which, honestly, it probably is a pretty good excuse, but I'm trying to part with excuses all together). Enough about that, though!

I come back to this blog with an exciting announcement regarding something that I've been working on for the last few months: Fat Sale.

Fat Sale is the place to buy and sell plus size clothing. It's like a big, awesome online consignment store for only sizes 14+. At Fat Sale you can find clothes that are affordable, attractive, and most importantly: in your size! When you're plus sized, shopping can seriously be a nightmare. It can be downright impossible to find clothes that both 1) fit and 2) are affordable (I'm looking at you, Lane Bryant, with your $25 dollar tank tops). That's why I came up with the idea of Fat Sale. Similar communities have existed before, but my problem with those is that they're all either sadly essentially dead (RIP Livejournal's popularity) or impossibly hard to navigate (Facebook just... does not make a good platform for such a community). Fat Sale aims to address those problems and be the community that fatties deserve!

I initially launched Fat Sale around a month ago and I have been absolutely wowed by its popularity (especially considering it's still just a baby and will just keep getting bigger and better!). As of right now, Fat Sale boasts an impressive 998 followers on Tumblr. And I can't wait to see that number continue to grow.

Help my baby grow! Follow Fat Sale on Tumblr, post about it on Twitter or Facebook, tell your friends, tell your mom, and reblog this promotional post! I really want Fat Sale to succeed and be the absolute best it can be. You can help make that happen!

Also, 'cause I've gotta brag, check out some of the cool stuff I got for Christmas this year! Did you get anything especially rad? Tell me in the comments!

The Walking Dead video game, Heavyweights on DVD, Mad Love, Pokemon 2 Black, and a cute little sushi pouch.

Lots of warm socks (manatee ones even!), a scarf, sushi erasers, pajamas, and Coloring for Grownups.

(Also, a giveaway will soon be coming to Fat Sale once we've hit over 1000 members... and it's going to be a cool one...)