Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 Cute Clearance ASOS Curve Dresses!

I'm a big fan of ASOS Curve - they do cute, trendy, classic plus size pieces that no other plus size retailers seem to be doing and they do them damn well. However, for me, they can sometimes be a bit out of my price range, being that the majority of their stuff is $40-$120.

This week, however, they have their Fourth of July sale going on and TONS of stuff is up to 50% off. Right up my alley! Here are 10 super cute summer dresses that I've been eyeballing/drooling over/hovering my mouse over the 'add to cart' button for.

1. Red Summer Collared Dress - $21.54
2. Yellow Beachy Tunic - $20.71
3. Teal Dress with Dropped Pockets - $24.86

4. Black Peach Print Dress - $37.28
5. White Skater Dress with Aztec Trim - $37.28
6. White Birdcage Dress - $37.28
7. Sunrise Wallpaper Skater Dress - $40.60

8. Gray Tulip Dress - $29.83
9. Black Sweetheart Summer Dress - $24.86
10. Red and White Gingham Picnic Dress - $29.00

The sale ends June 27th at 7PM EST, however, so move fast if you want some of this stuff! ASOS also has a straight size range and even a men's line for those who don't personally identify as a fat budget bitch. Happy window shopping!

**FYI my birthday's coming up (July 16th!) and I'd gladly take any of these in a US20, cough cough! Just. Saying.

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