Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some Kind of 50's Thing + Hair Flower Thief.

Romper: Goodwill!!
Tights: Dots.
Cardigan: Target.
Hairflower: MacGuyvered swag from my old job at a craft store.
Boots (not pictured): Target.
Hey everybody! Hope everyone is living it up on this last day of 2011 - I'm going to a party later at my boyfriend's, but this isn't the outfit for that. This is actually the outfit I wore on my last day of finals a few weeks ago that I'm just not getting around to posting (BAD blogger!).

Showing off my budget bitch hair flower.
During my senior year of high school, I worked at a chain craft store part time as a cashier. It wasn't the greatest job (I had more balls of yarn thrown at my face by elderly women than I'd like to remember), but it paid well enough. After closing time, when I wasn't handed bathroom duty (which I was assigned suspiciously more often than everyone else, don't worry, I've got detectives on the case), I'd sweep the salesfloor. The store I worked at had a large faux floral section and oftentimes the flowers would fall off their stems (or were pulled off by kids, whatever) and were left on the floor. When I had sweeping duty, I'd covertly collect these fallen flowers and take them home with me to turn into makeshift hair flowers using bobbypins. It beat paying $5 for the same exact thing at a store and I've kept the flowers I've collected for years afterwards. Obviously, I'm still using them!

Detail on the tights. The tights are from Dots and were only $8, but they're not exactly longlasting. I've worn them twice since I got them and they've basically fallen completely apart. Pretty, but not a great investment if you're looking for longevity.
One last photo of the outfit.
Here's to a 2012 better than 2011! 
And as always, thanks for reading and all your support!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Lowdef Christmas.

I was too lazy to fiddle with my proper camera this Christmas, so here's some pieces from my very lowdef Christmas with assistance from webcam and instagram.

Obnoxious Christmas Outfit!
Dress (XXL) + Sweater (XXL): Target, several years ago. I bought both on clearance for under $10 each.
Fishnets: Discounted After Halloween @ WalMart for like 50 cents.
JINGLE BELL EARRINGS (also known as the best part of Christmas): I don't remember, but whatever.

I spent the first half of the day with my family and the second half with my boyfriend's family. It was a pretty lovely day.

1. Boyfriend's family tree. 2. Boyfriend post nap. 3. Silly present. 4. Cafe 360.

Happy holidays, belated from me to you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspirations: Loud, Bad, and A Little Crazy Edition.

Left: Stormer from the 80's cartoon Jem, Top Right: Rihanna, Bottom Right: Kate Pierson of the band The B-52s.
These fine ladies are who I've really been digging on lately for their ballsy style and sweet, sweet sass. I love how they utilize rockabilly throwback pieces and aren't afraid to mix and match loud patterns. Their big hair only adds to their radness -- from Kate Pierson's epic beehives to Rihanna's fierce long curly red locks to Stormer's flowered classic big blue mane, all of these women know how to rock a look. Their styles represent a unitizing mix of my past and present inspirations.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

OOTD for 12/3/2011.

Top: Target (XL).
Skirt: Goodwill (Marked as XL/20/22).
Boots: Target (7).
Poofy Hair: aftermath of housemate's braid job.

So I'm excited to post my first official Outfit of the Day on my blog! I thrifted this skirt at Goodwill a month or so ago for just a couple of dollars -- something I considered a steal because 1) I fucking love skirts and 2) Its tacky 80's cube print spoke to my kitschy side.

See what I mean by tacky cube print? The fact that it's such a shiny polyester material really only makes it even greater.
Also pictured: My favorite gem'd sleeveless top from Target that I've owned for years.

Important feature of a skirt: ability to swing out and get huge.
Lately, I've really been digging wearing these boots from Target. I got them two years ago for less than $10 on clearance and they've held up wonderfully since then. They have a small clunky heel, but they're extremely comfortable and PERFECT for walking to class in the rain (which, despite the fact that we're creeping into winter, there's been a LOT of rain in Kentucky lately). Never underestimate the fly factor for a simple boots + bare legs + skirt/dress combo.

Until the next blog! In the meantime, I'm going to try to survive the last week of classes and finals week. Oy.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome to the blog!

This is going to be my (slightly more cohesive than tumblr!) place to post regarding fashion, fat, and everything else I fancy. I'm a fat budget bitch with a love for the internet, cutesy shit, and gratuitous photos. Welcome to my blog!

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