Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some Kind of 50's Thing + Hair Flower Thief.

Romper: Goodwill!!
Tights: Dots.
Cardigan: Target.
Hairflower: MacGuyvered swag from my old job at a craft store.
Boots (not pictured): Target.
Hey everybody! Hope everyone is living it up on this last day of 2011 - I'm going to a party later at my boyfriend's, but this isn't the outfit for that. This is actually the outfit I wore on my last day of finals a few weeks ago that I'm just not getting around to posting (BAD blogger!).

Showing off my budget bitch hair flower.
During my senior year of high school, I worked at a chain craft store part time as a cashier. It wasn't the greatest job (I had more balls of yarn thrown at my face by elderly women than I'd like to remember), but it paid well enough. After closing time, when I wasn't handed bathroom duty (which I was assigned suspiciously more often than everyone else, don't worry, I've got detectives on the case), I'd sweep the salesfloor. The store I worked at had a large faux floral section and oftentimes the flowers would fall off their stems (or were pulled off by kids, whatever) and were left on the floor. When I had sweeping duty, I'd covertly collect these fallen flowers and take them home with me to turn into makeshift hair flowers using bobbypins. It beat paying $5 for the same exact thing at a store and I've kept the flowers I've collected for years afterwards. Obviously, I'm still using them!

Detail on the tights. The tights are from Dots and were only $8, but they're not exactly longlasting. I've worn them twice since I got them and they've basically fallen completely apart. Pretty, but not a great investment if you're looking for longevity.
One last photo of the outfit.
Here's to a 2012 better than 2011! 
And as always, thanks for reading and all your support!

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