Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5 Favorite Frocks (Golden Globes Edition).

So, I didn't watch The Golden Globes. In my Vicodin-induced haze (courtesy of getting my wisdom teeth taken out) I honestly forgot it was even on (even though two of my favorite ladies -- Tina Fey and Amy Poelher -- were hosting). Despite this gaff, however, I was all over the Internet today looking at what everyone wore. While I could give two shits about who was wearing what designer (it's not like I could ever afford or fit into any of those gowns anyways), I do love to look at people looking fancy. Typically, for award shows, I like two different things: exciting, bold, "risky" looks and flawless Hollywood glamour done right. I am typically not here for boring prom dresses (I'm looking at you, most of Hollywood).

Here are my 5 favorite looks!

1. Kate Hudson in a black and gold, floor length, boob canyon baring frock.

2. Marion Cotillard in a sharp orange asymmetrical frock with black and gold accents. 

3. Amy Adams in a pale pink fishtail frock with vintage-inspired curls.

4. Lucy Liu in a romantic rose-patterned floral frock and a beautiful braid. 

5. Tina Fey in a black and white frock with that Garnier Nutrisse hair going strong.


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